Dr. Chris Michailidis, DC

Terry’s knowledge, experience, and passion for working with older adults is an invaluable resource. Having a personal relationship with Terry for many years, I can say her commitment to keeping our aging population moving and functional well into their later stages is necessary and admirable.

Dr. Chris Michailidis, DC, 2015




My aim is the goal of feeling more fit, having a sturdier core and improving my outlook. With Terry and me acting as a team, I am progressing well towards this goal and all within 8 months. She teaches me to train properly and safely with a big added splash of fun. As I approach the big six-0, there is a strong chance of going beyond my expectations with Terry guiding me on.

Dawn, 2012


I have worked with Terry for over a year now, and I am very happy with the results. I started in my mid-sixties, never having been athletic, although I made some  short attempts at exercise programmes, and bought a few pieces of equipment I never really used!! Working with Terry, I have gained so much knowledge, know-how and confidence about physical fitness suitable for my age, as well as strength training, balance and co-ordination work, stretching, and how to make my walking more productive. Terry is an intelligent, competent and caring trainer; I recommend her highly.

Mary, 2013


Terry has been my personal trainer for 3 years.  Because I have the diagnosis of early stage osteoporosis, a fall can be quite dangerous.  Working with Terry has improved my balance significantly.  The strength exercises have helped my overall energy level, helped me lose a few pounds and toned some of those sagging parts. Terry provides straightforward feedback, measures progress and builds on success.  There is an added benefit in working with Terry.  She presents safer exercises. I have thoroughly enjoyed my exercise sessions with Terry and would recommend her to work with any senior or in any Lifestyle Building.

Jo, 2014